Designed in Silicon Valley, Stellar brings together the most advanced technologies and data science to streamline business aviation for travelers and operators alike.

Rocket science for jets.

The most amazing thing about Stellar is the technology inside. In order for aircraft operators to participate in the 21st century, their technology platform had to be rebuilt from the ground up. Developed by an experienced team of PhDs and computer scientists, the outcome was Stellar CORE—the world’s first unified operations system for business jet operators. Then we connected it to the first all-digital marketplace.

Founded by experienced leaders in technology, private aviation, and business, Stellar is bringing a new perspective to the industry.

With a diverse team of experts from computer scientists, revenue management analysts, and artificial intelligence specialists, we’re engineering powerful new solutions to meet the challenges of modern private aviation.

David Fox - CEO
David Fox

David began his entrepreneurial career at the age of 14, eventually founding four successful companies and holding leadership positions at three others, including Akamai Technologies, US Robotics, and Agistix, a logistics marketplace. With three generations of career aviators in his family, David brings extensive business development, sales, finance, and technology management experience to Stellar. David holds an MBA from Santa Clara University.

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Paul Touw - Founder
Paul Touw

Paul is an aerospace engineer and pilot turned entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in technology and aviation. He has founded and led many successful Silicon Valley startups including co-founding Ariba, Inc., a Fortune 500 B2B e-commerce marketplace, and founding XOJET, Inc., one of the largest jet charter operators in North America. He blends extensive aerospace, software technology, and aviation management experience at Stellar.

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Tim O’Brien - Chief Operating Officer
Tim O’Brien
Chief Operating Officer

With a background in customer success and management consulting, Tim has demonstrated excellence in creating high-performance teams and driving growth. Tim creates highly efficient processes to deliver software-based solutions to solve complex customer challenges.

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Tat Ng - Chief Operating Officer
Tat Ng
VP of Engineering

Tat is a highly accomplished software engineering executive with a strong track record of building and scaling high-performance teams. He specializes in large-scale B2B and B2B2C SaaS platforms and has had repeated success leading organizations ranging in size and complexity from start-ups to globally distributed teams spanning ten countries. Tat is a five-time CTO/VPE with three successful IPOs/acquisitions and was named Triangle Business Journal CIO of the Year in 2014.

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Fred Powell - VP of Operator Systems
Fred Powell
VP of Operator Systems

For the last 20 years, Fred has been private aviation's leading developer of flight operations management systems. During his tenure as the chief architect, designer and program manager for FOS, the system became the dominant  solution for corporate, charter, and OEM-operations – used by 50% of Fortune 100 companies and 85% of the charter operators worldwide. Fred graduated the University of Virginia with an MS  in electrical engineering and computer science.

Brent Moldowan - Director of Business Development & Implementation
Brent Moldowan
Director of Business Development & Implementation

Brent is an accomplished executive with more than 20 years of experience growing aviation business across multiple competencies including TAG Aviation, Wyvern Consulting and FlightApps.  His deep strategy and business development expertise extend from services through procurement to the successful delivery and implementation of software solutions.  From 2012 to 2015, as President of the Air Charter Association of North America, he led the advancement of best practices, professionalism and safety in the air charter industry.

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Greg Williams - VP of Product Management
Greg Williams
VP of Product Management

Greg brings over ten years of experience leading product development teams, having spent several years at Apple helping to launch the iPhone before joining Meraki, later running product for Say Media. He started his career as an aerospace engineer with Boeing and NASA, and also holds a commercial pilot's license with multi-engine and instrument ratings. Greg received engineering degrees from Cornell and MIT and an MBA from the Sloan School.

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Dan Lee - Chief Financial Officer
Dan Lee
Chief Financial Officer

Dan has over 20 years of experience as a senior financial executive for a variety of innovative software, technology, and SaaS startup companies. Well versed in raising venture financing and with a proven record for sparking rapid growth, he has the diverse skill set required to orchestrate Stellar Labs Inc.’s business operations. Dan holds a BS from UC Berkeley.

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Richard Thomas - VP of Marketing
Richard Thomas
VP of Marketing

Richard has led global marketing teams across the US, Europe, Russia, and Asia for nearly 20 years. He was responsible for creating award-winning brands and campaigns for leading private aviation companies, including NetJets Europe, Jet Republic, Hawker Beechcraft, and Nextant Aerospace. He holds an economics degree from Harvard University, where he played varsity football and rugby, and also holds an MBA from Duke University.

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Mackenzie Kelly - Senior Manager of Services
Mackenzie Kelly
Senior Manager of Services

MacKenzie is recognized for her leadership in operations management and implementing  programs of new technologies during 10+ years in the aviation industry. She oversaw Flight Operations System (FOS) training at FlightApps extending to Fortune 500 companies. Her experience includes Charter Manager inside both a Part 135 and Part 91. MacKenzie is a Certified Dispatcher and Aviation Auditor (ARG/US).  

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Steve Harish - Senior Manager of Operator Implementation
Steve Harish
Senior Manager of Operator Implementation

Steve has deep charter industry experience and has led the charter sales, scheduling, and dispatch functions for XOJET. Prior to joining Stellar, he managed the development and implementation of flight scheduling and optimization software for JetSuite. Steve graduated from the University of North Dakota with a BS in commercial aviation. He is a commercial pilot with a multi-engine rating and is also a certified flight instructor.

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James Spadaro - Director of Systems Integration
James Spadaro
Director of Systems Integration

James brings a broad range of business aviation and technical expertise. He started his career in aviation in 2001 as Principal Systems Architect at TAG Aviation. Since then, as co-founder of FlightApps, he has worked with 200+ flight departments, building and supporting their technological infrastructures. His extensive background includes enterprise IT systems, cloud computing technologies, and the integration of aircraft scheduling software. James holds a degree from Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University.

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